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This Is My Ship - Dartz! Dartz!This Is My Ship

Xtra Mile Recordings

Having released two exceptional lead singles (in the form of 'Once, Twice, Again!' and 'St. Petersburg') Teeside power-trio Dartz! have succeeded in wetting many an appetite for their debut long player, gaining both widespread praise in almost all quarters of the national press as well as major radio support. Of course the trouble of giving people such lofty expectations is that it can easily lead to disappointment when it's ruthlessly exposed that an act has revealed their only trumps cards too early, but thankfully This Is My Ship is far from the sound of a band shooting their load prematurely, consisting of twelve equally fantastic snippets of new-wave disco beats, disjointed guitars and just-begging-to-be-sung-along to vocal play offs.

Opening numbers 'Network! Network! Network!' and 'A Simple Hypothetical' encompass everything that Dartz! do so well - taking the renowned DC post-hardcore sound down to the local club, stripping it of its sometimes po-faced outlook and showing it the time of its life. Behind the recording desk is Mark Williams who does a consummate job of capturing the bands energy, but that's not surprising coming from a man who's helped shaped many a UK luminary having already worked with the likes of Fightstar, YourCodeNameIs: Milo and Million Dead. Lyrically Dartz! take a neat sidestep away from their British contemporaries as they contemplate their many travels around the world, providing welcome a break from the standard self obsessed ramblings. Whilst the aforementioned singles are perhaps the high points of This Is My Ship, there's not so much as a wasted second on the album, with even the first song the trio ever wrote together 'Teaching Me To Dance' making an appearance late on and more than holds its own, showing that this is a band who've always had an amazing talent for penning instantly memorable tracks.

This Is My Ship is everything we could have hoped for from Dartz!. Given its unwavering quality from start to finish, it could very well now just be a case of sitting back and watching just how high Dartz! climb.

Rating: 4/5 by Dan Jones


  1. Network! Network! Network!
  2. A Simple Hypothetical
  3. Once, twice, again!
  4. Cold Holidays
  5. Prego Triangolos
  6. Laser Eyes
  7. St. Petersburg
  8. Harbour
  9. Documents
  10. Fantastic Apparatus
  11. Teaching Me To Dance
  12. The Lives Of Authors

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