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The Destruction Of Small Ideas - 65daysofstatic 65daysofstaticThe Destruction Of Small Ideas


As fans of 2005's Hole album will know, 65daysofstatic like to avoid preconceptions. There is a tendency for instrumental-based bands that possess exceptional musical ability and garner critical acclaim to boldly progress up their own backsides. This has never been the case with 65dos, and with their third album, they're certainly not about to start.

The Destruction Of Small Ideas finally attains the perfect blend of digital and live instrumentation. Glitches and samples flow in and out of guitar, piano and percussion. In fact, Rob Jones deserves an award for his drumming, it's outstanding here. Live strings appear on 'These Things You Can't Unlearn' and xylophone helps tracks like 'Little Victories' become Sigur Ros turned up to eleven. Yet despite so much going on, it's never cluttered. Each element is open to focus on and follow, like a painting or film where you notice something new each time.

Don't go thinking this is beard-stroking pretensioncore though; one of 65dos' greatest assets is making intricate music without overindulging. 'The Distant & Mechanised Glow Of Eastern European Dance Parties' proves a real surprise, as they go electro-crazy on us; live guitar and drums snaking in and out of what sounds like a late-eighties sci-fi soundtrack scrapping with modern hard trance. As for 'Conspiracy of Seeds' conspiracy indeed! 65dos never said they were an instrumental band, and here we get the more common warped vocal samples that become multiple vocals yelling out at you.

Though the production doesn't seem as polished as the previous two albums, that's hardly easy. 'Lyonesse' fails to capitalise on an excellent build-up, and nothing here touches their finest moment, 'Radio Protector', but that doesn't stop this being an essential album utterly devoid of dud tracks. Technically astounding without restricting accessibility, fans of original music fans of music need to hear this band.

Rating: 5/5 by Phill May


  1. When We Were Younger and Better
  2. A Failsafe
  3. Don't Go Down To Sorrow
  4. Wax Futures
  5. These Things You Can't Unlearn
  6. Lyonesse
  7. Music Is Music as Devices are Kisses is Everything
  8. The Distant & Mechanised Glow of Eastern European Dance Parties
  9. Little Victories
  10. Primer
  11. White Peak/Dark Peak
  12. The Conspiracy of Seeds

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