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This is Where The Fight Begins - The Ghost Of A Thousand The Ghost Of A ThousandThis is Where The Fight Begins


"Punk rock needs you again / Generation X is dead"

F*ck yes. Something has been stirring beneath the surface lately. There's an ever growing swell of hardcore and punk fans across the length and breadth of our fair isles that have become desperately sick and tired of pretty boys claiming to be punk-rock, recycling the same old tired ideas, singing in faux American accents and placing their carefully crafted image firmly above content. The remarkable rise to prominence of Watford bruisers Gallows is a telltale sign that the times-are-a-changing, and The Ghost of a Thousand are conclusive proof that the door has well and truly been kicked down.

"This is where the fight begins / This is how our lives begin"

A young Brighton-based five-piece, The Ghost of a Thousand came to many people's attention last year when they upstaged countless big names with a series of blistering support slots. Having already made many friends in the right places, with Radio One's Dan Carter regularly lending his support via the airwaves, Converge axeman Kurt Ballou has also lent his esteemed stamp of approval by mixing this, the band's hotly anticipated debut album.

"We've got a bone to pick with you / We've got a throne to steal from you"

A fitting title if ever there was one, This Is Where The Fight Begins storms out of the traps by way of 'Bored of Math', pinning the listener hard up against the wall, a place they won't surrender for the entire duration of the album. A furious rush of passionate heart-felt hardcore, awash with searing breakdowns and sumptuous hooks, This Is Where The Fight Begins is an unrelentingly intense record, one that's unapologetically raw from start to finish. Be it the hook heavy 'New Toy', with hand claps and all or the raging brilliance of 'Black Art Number One' which provides its pivotal moment - a stunning album centrepiece that could well be The Ghost of a Thousand's 'New Noise' - it's a huge underground hit in the making.

"Here's the future / Haven't you heard?"

Despite there being elements of everyone from Modern Life Is War, The Letters Organize and Refused to their sound, The Ghost of a Thousand aren't imitating anybody for one second, with their debut full-length proving that music always has the ability to constantly amaze and restore people's faith in stagnated scenes. Simply put, This Is Where The Fight Begins is one of the most important punk-rock records to come out of Britain in years, a quite furious call to arms for all those who are frustrated with the current musical climate. A line in the sand has been firmly drawn and it's time to pick a side.

Rating: 5/5 by Dan Jones


  1. Bored of Math
  2. Left for Dead
  3. Up to You
  4. New Toy
  5. Black Art Number One
  6. Married To The Sidewalk
  7. One For The Road
  8. As They Breed They Swarm
  9. No One Ever Gives You A Straight Answer To Anything
  10. The Last Bastion of Heaven Lies Abandoned & Burning

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