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Public Relations Exercise / Lafaro Split - Various VariousPublic Relations Exercise / Lafaro Split

Field Records

The crucial failing of many a split single is when one of the acts dramatically outshines the other. Thankfully in this case we have on our hands two acts from the very top draw who are happy to play out a hugely entertaining high scoring draw. Kicking off proceedings are Public Relations Exercise, a young band who have already toured with some of the UK's biggest names. On 'Subteniente' they brilliantly marry off kilter guitar rhythms with the renowned abrasive DC sound, whilst Belfast's Lafaro quickly follow suit with the lengthy 'Scott', a similarly fantastic slab of discordant noise.

This is an all too rare release that brings together two of the UK's best kept secrets, but on this wonderful evidence, that description won't hold for too much longer.

Rating: 5/5 by Dan Jones


  1. Public Relations Exercise Subteniente
  2. Lafaro Scott

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