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Crime In Stereo Is Dead - Crime In Stereo Crime In StereoCrime In Stereo Is Dead

Bridge 9

Crime In Stereo are an act who've bubbled efficiently - but by no means spectacularly - under the mainstream radar for a number of years now. Previous long-players The Troubled Stateside and Explosives And The Will To Use Them may well have attracted the band a healthy amount of dedicated followers on both sides of the Atlantic, but both albums were flawed somewhat by the fact that they were only too happy to wear their influences a little too proudly on their sleeves. However, Crime In Stereo Is Dead is an altogether different proposition, a quite breath-taking album that witnesses the four-piece maturing into a magnificent, pigeon-hole defying act, one that they've seldom hinted at in the past. Long-term fans are likely to be taken aback and amazed in equal numbers by slow burning efforts like the sparkling 'Small Skeletal' and the hushed tones of 'Orbiter', while faster paced tracks like 'XXXX (The First Thousand Years Of Solitude)' and 'Choker' may well be along similar lines to yesteryear given their heavy skate-punk leanings, but still effortlessly surpass almost all of their past endeavours.

Simply put, Crime In Stereo Is Dead is a magnificently crafted, sharply intelligent record that doesn't take it cues from anybody else. It looks like we've finally got a real contender on our hands.

Rating: 4/5 by Dan Jones


  1. XXXX (The First Thousand Years Of Solitude)
  2. Third Atlantic
  3. ...But You Are Vast
  4. Animal Pharm
  5. Small Skeletal
  6. Unfortunate Tourist
  7. Nixon
  8. Vicious Teeth
  9. Almost Ghostless/Above The Gathering Oceans
  10. Orbiter
  11. Choker

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