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Public Relations ExerciseCatalyst

Field Records

Ones To Watch are never totally infallible guides - but if any band took the potential we saw in them and ran absolutely apeshit with it, it's Public Relations Exercise. This choice cut from Come You Are Safe, We Are From The Bombs opens with squalling spirals of guitar noise and doesn't let up until it screehces to a sudden stop, blasting along with all the frantic bluster of a brass band gone absolutely chuffing mental. the darker 'Chair Maid of Human Skeleton' and the elephant waltz of 'The Guy Asked Us a Favour...' do little to waver from the high quality of this refreshing post-hardcore assault. Job's a good 'un.

Rating: 4/5 by Ruth Midget


  1. Catalyst
  2. That Guy Asked us a Favour, and We Lit Him on Fire
  3. Chair Maid of Human Skeleton
  4. Catalyst (Radio Edit)

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