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Wojtek GodziszThe Moon And The Yew Tree

Tigertrap Records

A lack of guts in single choices has been displayed even in previous outsiders Biffy Clyro of late, so it's nice to hear a single as totally wacky as this by Wojtek Godzisz. Named as if both he and his single, 'The Moon And The Yew Tree', were from the Lord of the Rings, he takes in tempo changes, piano, operatic vocals, and God knows what else across the song's four minutes. The (slightly) more straightforward rock of b-side 'Time Of The Wolf' is less encouraging, but if the album is anywhere near as delightfully off-kilter as this, we're in for a treat.

Rating: 4/5 by Gaz Hughes


  1. The Moon And The Yew Tree
  2. Time Of The Wolf

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