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Bounding out of Birmingham on the back of a host of rave reviews and armed with eight tracks that are positively brimming with scathing sarcasm and gloriously discordant noise, Untitled Musical Project have certainly come a long way from their innocuous beginnings. Originally formed with the ultimately futile intent of writing five songs in the space of a mere week in a bid to win their local battle of the bands competition, the three-piece have long since outshined their early conquerors.

Last year's triple A-Side 7" attracted the band numerous glowing comparisons to the sadly departed Mclusky, not only for their hulking Shellac-esque walls of noise, but also due to their tongue in cheek song titles 'Why Isn't Paul McCartney Dead Already?' being the pick of which - and this self-titled mini album carries on in much the same vein. From the fuzzed up guitars and great big dirty bass lines of the intense 'The A Minor Penatatonic Scale' to the snotty delivery of the Beastie Boys-esque 'I Don't Need You Honey, All I Need Is Rock And Roll', in little over 16 minutes Untitled Musical Project take great pleasure in gleefully sticking their middle fingers up at the hordes of MOR humping also-rans currently cluttering up the British scene. Hurrah! High fives all around.

Rating: 4/5 by Dan Jones


  1. The People Versus Michael Miller
  2. The A Minor Penatatonic Scale
  3. Endless Deodorant And Bad Shoes
  4. I Don't Need You Honey, All I Need Is Rock And Roll
  5. A Popular Musical Composition
  6. It's Not Credible To Be So Intelligible
  7. Lowest Prices In Europe! Guaranteed!!
  8. I May Not Be Jimi Hendrix But At Least I'm Still Alive

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