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Maybeshewill / Her Name Is Calla Split - Various VariousMaybeshewill / Her Name Is Calla Split

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Nothing ever seems to pan out simply for Maybeshewill. Given the troubles that befell that band prior to the release of their debut album Not for Want of Trying (Click HERE to read our interview with the band), the Leicester-based outfit returned from their recent hotly-anticipated sell-out Japanese tour a man down. So, just when you think Maybeshewill might have finally run out of gas, what do they go and do?

Yep, they come up with two of their finest offerings yet, the gloriously life-affirming 'This Time Last Year' and 'Last Time This Year'. But this split release is far from all about Maybeshewill. While lesser bands would have been overshadowed by two such magnificent offerings, Her Name Is Calla are another band making waves thanks to their stunning mini-album The Heritage. Originally self-released back in 2007, 17-minute opus 'Condor & River' is about as ambitious and epic a track as you're likely to hear for some time, thrillingly taking off at the five minute mark before veering in all manner of intriguing directions.

Right now Maybeshewill and Her Name Is Calla are two of the country's best kept secrets. This split 12" should ensure that changes matters sooner rather than later.

Rating: 5/5 by Dan Jones


  1. Maybeshewill - This Time Last Year
  2. Maybeshewill - Last Time This Year
  3. Her Name Is Calla - Condor & River

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