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It Rots - Wet Paint Wet PaintIt Rots

Trial and Error

As they gear up for an extensive UK tour with indie titans Bloc Party, Wet Paint's brand of heavily distorted pop might seem like an odd match. Luckily, debut album It Rots is such an enjoyable exercise in raw, discordant genre-bending, the chances are no one will notice.

Recorded entirely live, it's a collection of songs that holds on to a strong melodic sensibility while never sounding lightweight or insubstantial. Whether it's the infectious rock of 'Melon's Teeth' or the more measured groove of 'Don't Shave', there's an intelligence about the guitar work here that complements the simple melodies.

With vocals alternating effortlessly between understated mutterings and guttural screams, it's a varied, impressive collection that's wrapped up in style with former single 'Save the Whale', a mainstream-dodging slice of indie perfection that by all rights, should have scored them a huge hit. All in all, Wet Paint can count themselves among the hottest new attractions in what's shaping up to be a great year for British indie. A breath of fresh air.

Rating: 4/5 by Mitch Bain


  1. By Myself
  2. Melon's Teeth
  3. Bellyaches
  4. Hug It Out
  5. Don't Shave
  6. It Rots
  7. His Coffin
  8. Let's Go Bowling
  9. Bad Education
  10. Little Elf
  11. Save the Whale

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