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Distractions - The Loved Ones The Loved OnesDistractions

Fat Wreck

Before our very eyes - or should that be ears - Philadelphia's finest The Loved Ones are a-changing. After exploding into popular consciousness with their 2006 debut Keep Your Heart, its follow up Build & Burn went on to divide fans with its more contemplative leanings. Acting as a stop gap while the band start cobbling together their next full-length, Distractions - featuring three original tracks and three covers - takes further strides towards *gulp* mature climes. Not that you'd be able to tell initially thanks to the familiar hook-laden melodic punk of opener 'Distracted'. The more measured 'Last Call' and 'Spy Diddley' - the latter an outtake from the Keep Your Heart sessions - meanwhile push the band towards more Gaslight Anthem meets Americana territory, while the remaining numbers, faithful covers of Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros' 'Coma Girl', Billy Bragg's 'Lovers Town Revisited' and 'Johnny 99' by Bruce Springsteen (seemingly the man to pilfer from at the moment) stay a little too true to the original classics to ever truly excite.

There's certainly nothing approaching 'The Bridge' here, and those doggedly wishing for a return to crunching realms of Keep Your Heart will be disappointed. However Distractions has just enough about it to keep fans ticking over before The Loved Ones drop what could well be their breakthrough album.

Rating: 3/5 by Dan Jones


  1. Distracted
  2. Last Call
  3. Spy Diddley
  4. Johnny 99
  5. Lovers Town Revisited
  6. Coma Girl

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