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Keep Your Heart - The Loved Ones The Loved OnesKeep Your Heart

Fat Wreck

Formed as a third-time-lucky band for lifetime friends Dave Hause, Michael 'Spider' Cotterman and Mike Sneeringer (who have all been in other bands like Kid Dynamite, The Curse and Paint It Black) The Loved Ones here venture into the world of full-length releases this February 2006, to implore you to Keep Your Heart. Evocative of many a heartfelt moment in a life of punk music – that is, its life and mine – this album manages to stick its hooks into every teenage pop-punk fantasy whilst keeping a sophisticated edge to the vocals and the tunes that makes it much more nostalgic than cheesy angst pap.

This band have a real knack for this stuff, one whose aromas ooze through the fast and to-the-point 'Suture Self', the generic yet original 'Jane' that sounds like every pop-punk song you've heard and none, and even the less cuddly sounding 'Over 50 Club'. There's something about all of these songs that captures an essence of late 90s/early noughties pop-punk—the essence that's been missing since then, an essence like lime or ginseng, that kicks you up the bottom with its zestiness and ability to motivate rather than lavender and its snooze-inducing qualities. There's been far too much lavender in our pop-punk of late.

Well no longer. Even with weaker songs like the more cutesie 'Please Be Here' and the almost too catchy riffage in 'Living Will (Get You Dead)' this album grabs any pop-punk fan by wafting over its sophisticated scent, and then digging in its (not too painful) claws right until the end and the final riff plays out. Get ready for some cheerful, meaningful and downright zesty nostalgia coming your way soon in the shape of this very fine Philadelphian collective. And no cheese. Or lavender.

Rating: 4/5 by Sophie Baker


  1. Suture Self
  2. Breathe In
  3. Jane
  4. Over 50 Club
  5. Please Be Here
  6. Hurry Up and Wait
  7. Sickening
  8. Living Will (Get You Dead)
  9. The Odds
  10. Benson and Hedges
  11. Arsenic
  12. 100K

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