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Silent Treatment - The Bled The BledSilent Treatment


The Bled's stunning 2003 debut full-length, Pass The Flask, catapulted the volatile Arizona five-piece right to the top of the contemporary US hardcore scene. Although its 2005 follow up, Found in the Flood, saw it's creators bravely branch out in a host of new directions and still successfully reach their biggest audience yet, it's smoother edges and softer leanings left many fans of their ferocious debut feeling somewhat unfulfilled. Branching the gap between the two, their long-awaited new record Silent Treatment is highly likely to please both camps in equal measures. Blasting out of the blocks with the rasping double whammy of 'Shadatree Mechanics' and 'You Should Be Ashamed Of Myself', it's clear from the very off that they haven't lost any of their love for bludgeoning rhythms and colossal beatdowns, with the stunning fretwork of the 'Starving Artiste' matching up impressively against anything from the band's back catalogue. But for all the unadulterated abrasiveness littered throughout the record, The Bled still find time to showcase their more understated side, with the lush atmospherics and soaring harmonies of 'Asleep On The Frontlines' recalling the gorgeously subtle passages that lit up their aforementioned sophomore long-player.

Given the quite ludicrously high watermark laid down so early in their career, Silent Treatment doesn't quite add up to being The Bled's best work to date, but nonetheless, it still leaves 99% of their rivals trailing desperately in their wake. One of 2007's very finest.

Rating: 4/5 by Dan Jones


  1. Shadatree Mechanics
  2. You Should Be Ashamed Of Myself
  3. Threes Away
  4. Asleep On The Frontlines
  5. Platonic Sleepover Massacre
  6. Starving Artiste
  7. Silver Lining
  8. Some Just Vanish
  9. Breathing Room Barricades
  10. Beheaded My Way
  11. My Bitter Half

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