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Adam TedderItíll Be Soon / Eastern Girls

Whimsical Records

Bit part actor Adam Tedder (he once played a psycho, Serbian war criminal, goalkeeper on ITV's Mike Bassett Manager - you couldnít make this sh*t up) has decided to channel his energy into a new format: Namely his debut, downloadable only, AA single 'Itíll Be Soon' and 'Eastern Girls'. 'Itíll Be Soon' takes its simple lyrics and jazzes them up, with the help of a cello and piano accompaniment, which act as the perfect complement to Tedderís dulcet vocals. Reminiscent of early 90's pop act Lighthouse Family, both tracks emit a breezy atmosphere, and herald in the New Year with aplomb. Despite this, Tedder occasionally sounds like he is holding back, something which, should he dissuade, will only serve to make his next musical outing stronger.

Rating: 4/5 by Zaineb Al Hassani

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