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You could find yourself in hell, being killed over and over again with white hot irons, while viewscreens endlessly mix Sin City with Big Brother footage, and speakers blare out Barbara Streisand and Ronan Keating numbers on constant loop – and with all this, your screams would still not be as desperately pained as the vocals of Rinoa's Perry Bryan. Not even close.

This début mini-album from Rinoa – a band featuring ex-members of Chariots and Crydebris and who's mixing and production team have worked with Torche, Devil sold His Soul and Pelican – contains four works of art bigger than your house and louder than it's demolition. Colossal riffs, brooding atmospherics and devastating drums, it doesn't bring anything new to the table, but as a mixed bag of the aforementioned bands with some early Isis thrown in for good measure, the fact you've heard this post-whateveryoucallit won't mean a thing when it's executed with this much skill, this much dynamism, or this much bloody screaming.

Ones. To. Watch.

Rating: 4/5 by Phill May


  1. Between The Pillars
  2. Above the Oceans
  3. In A Single Day And Night Of Misfortune
  4. Atlantis

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