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The American Dream - Walls Of Jericho Walls Of JerichoThe American Dream

Trustkill Records

Well thank f**k for that. Anyone unfortunate enough to have invested in Walls of Jericho's decidedly dodgy acoustic EP Redemption (reviewed/slated HERE) earlier in the year would have been quite rightly worried that the Detroit five-piece had lost their mojo for all things heavy. Sure, there's subtle clues here such as song titles like 'II. The Prey' and 'The Slaughter Begins', but as the crushing riffs of opening salvo 'New Ministry' rain down it's a relief to hear that normal service has been resumed... and then some. You see The American Dream starts off like a house on fire, with track after track of punishing metalcore melting into each other, and while that can usually be a criticism of an album on The American Dream it works wonderfully as an unrelenting assault on your ears. 'Feeding Frenzy' is what Walls of Jericho do best with Candace Kucsulain's unmistakable roar bellowing out of a harsh wall of metallic guitars. The album's title track contains the kind of brutal beatdown that will inspire kids around the world to throw bad shapes in the pit for years to come, while only aforementioned closing number 'The Slaughter Begins' harks back to the ill-advised Redemption, but this time around the track actually works well, providing a much needed calm after the storm.

There's no doubting that Walls of Jericho have garnered attention in certain circles over the years because of the rarity of them being a hugely successful female fronted metalcore act. If there's any justice The American Dream should mean that they attract attention for the mere fact that their a f**king excellent band.

It's good to have you back, just don't scare us like that again.

Rating: 4/5 by Dan Jones


  1. New Ministry
  2. II The Prey
  3. The American Dream
  4. Feeding Frenzy
  5. I The Hunter
  6. Famous Last Words
  7. A Long Walk Home
  8. III Shock of the Century
  9. Discovery of Jones
  10. Standing on Paper Stilts
  11. Night of a Thousand Torches
  12. The Slaughter Begins

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