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Those We Leave Behind - I Am Ghost I Am GhostThose We Leave Behind


The cheerful I Am Ghost are back with their break away sophomore album and it's every bit as dark as the gothic-themed metal from the depths of the Norse country... Except this sun-kissed 5-piece hail from good old Long Beach, CA - an unlikely place to perfect that just-dug-up vampire/corpse image.

Since the departure of Kerith and Brian Telestai, the remaining members are sound more viciously demonic than ever, with eerie, whispering intros, hardcore overlays and heretical lyrics. Taking its title to heart, this 14-track record laughs in the face of their previous label Christian rock band. An obvious rebellious outburst is 'Smile Of A Jesus Freak', with the use of the word "motherf**ker" enough to reduce ex-violinist Kerith to tears - and the sinister riff doesn't go miss the mark either.

Comparisons to male-fronted symphony rockers are a given when listening to Steve Juliano's smooth droning - it's Kamelot, without the poncey sound effects. Must-have track is clearly 'Don't Wake Up' - appealing to the dark at heart. Judging from the lyrical satire and metalling riffs, there'll be a lot of eyeliner-rimmed kids and adults alike jumping at the chance to get their hands on Those We Leave Behind. Best listened to on a full-mooned midnight for effect.

Rating: 4/5 by Ali Ryland


  1. Intro: We Dance With Monsters
  2. Don't Wake Up
  3. Those We Leave Behind
  4. Buried Way Too Shallow
  5. Bone Garden
  6. Saddest Story Never Told
  7. Smile of a Jesus Freak
  8. So, I Guess This Is Goodbye
  9. Interlude: Remember This Face, Baby
  10. Burn The Bodies To The Ground
  11. Rock 'N' Roll High School Murder
  12. Make Me Believe This Is Real
  13. They Always Come Back
  14. Set Me Free

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